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Can rub Gel pen

Mistake on the paper, leave the "face" is likely to affect the results, close to the civil service exam, an Erasable Gel Ink start selling. This appearance and Gel pen almost no difference between a pen, Gel pen at the stationery store, known as erasable. But reporters found that this pen is not that God, wipe with a rubber traces remain, this teacher suggested, better not to use this document examination.

Examination papers on the emergence of typos can only be crossed out, the beginning of a book becomes no longer clean, by chance, the Castle in a university, Xiao Zhao, learned a Gel Ink Pen eraser out the handwriting, it is suitable for examination , due to participate in the civil service exam in this year's Shandong Province, in the school stationery shop really buy this pen, each priced at only 2 yuan.
Gel pen really so mysterious? March 19, reporters asked whether in Shinan one stationery supermarket can erase the handwriting of Gel pen, supermarket staff immediately respond to the sentence: "To the examination is not it?" Would give the reporter pointed to the sales area , the reporter saw, is not much different in appearance, this pen and Gel pen, the pen shell is all in Japanese. The staff said, are better to this pen sold before the exam, "the wrong word with a rubber rub will be able to wipe, do not affect the beginning of a book, buy a lot of students." Reporter price of 10.8 yuan a buy this Gel pen.
"Some students fill out the student ID card behind the train car range on this pen to fill in the correct range of car, the school covered the chapter and then modify the destination, after the holiday to take the train out to play with." In interview, the students of a college Xiao Zhao told reporters.
Reporter Erasable Gel Ink buy ordinary Gel Ink comparative experiment. An A4 printing paper, and reporters two pen to write on a word. After writing, the reporter gently with your fingers across it, can rub Gel pen to write down the words become blurred, while the normal gel pen the words did not change significantly.
Reporter writing with a rubber cloth, and no change after wipe, general neutral handwriting, you can rub the gel pen writing shallow, but reporters continue to wipe the surface of the paper have a scratch handwriting can still be seen to. Subsequently, the reporter has to do experiments on a separate sheet dipped in a drop of water in the two kinds of writing quickly to wipe the water, normal gel pen writing is somewhat vague, Erasable Gel Ink leave The writing has been difficult to identify, but the paper surface blisters had also significantly changed.
Erasable Gel pen can erase what reason? Chemistry and Chemical Engineering of Ocean University of China Zhang Honghai teacher explains the principle: "As far as I know, this pen ink particles will not penetrate the paper micro gap, but the formation of handwriting on the paper surface, so polished out. However, the ink is still likely to soak into the paper within, which leads to a wipe will still be leaving any traces. "
Traces of writing in a short period of time with your fingers, you can wipe and wipe to get rid of also left their mark, many secondary school teachers in the island city is not recommended that students Erasable Gel pen use in the examination, some students find The writing can be erased at ease to write, but an examination of time wipe wipe is bound to a waste of time, will also be caused by the beginning of a book is not tidy. "island city high school teacher Wang told reporters that the examination papers paper will not be too thick, repeatedly wipe even the beginning of a book torn, we do not recommend students to use. "
In addition, some people worried: "If you sign a contract, or IOUs, this pen, then modify the eraser out, will not be deceived?" Public concerns, Zhang Honghai recommendations, the public at the signing of contracts, agreements, etc. file to be vigilant, before signing with your fingers to touch the handwriting, but also pay attention to the paper surface is left word mark.
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