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Environmental protection stationery concept promotion less

This is a green notebook, can improve visual acuity, the prevention of myopia." Department store sales personnel with certainty to promote, with illustrated" does not hurt the eyes " sign, that is to buy Stationery Qin palpitating with excitement eager to do sth.. But look carefully, a notebook with an air of importance green logo is not recognized by the authorities, but for an enterprise of their own design.The flag in addition to the marked products" not to hurt the eyes", emphasize" using high-quality paper products refined, smooth writing". "Put a sign like this can represent the product of green environmental protection"? Qin was doubtful.

Ms. sun doubt as environmental stationery and health, she had seen in the news paper renewable pencil, he was interested to want to buy a experience, but had searched a number of supermarkets and stationery shop, eventually also could not have got one's wish. "Merchants selling still focus on product brand, style, price, rarely active reference to green." Ms. sun surprised:" since the recycled pencilgreen and environmental protection, why has not been popular in the market?"

The field of stationery "green wind" already the four, but the real blow" macroclimate" however amount to is not much. A few days ago, in the colored stationery hot heaven Beijing wholesale market, when reporters to purchase environmentally friendly stationery, in response to a businessman. After the inquiry, a sales personnel with several" does not hurt the eyes" on the cover of a notebook, was marketed as "green"" does not hurt the eyes" logo, much higher prices than ordinary notebook. But these completely from each enterprise self, verycasually affixed to products in the plastic film, and the products of different enterprises and different signs posted version. Reportedly,some" not to hurt the eyes" is the traditional paper, paper of the photoreceptor and the reflection of light do change, there is no direct contact with the green environmental protection.
In addition, the reporter also noticed, the market is hot fluorescent pen, watercolor pen most is disposable, exhausted after aquestionable whether recovery. " Change refill too much trouble, the pen is cheap, a lot of parents is a good buy a few boxes." Sales staff told reporters, even some can change the core of neutral pen, the wholesale price low is only a few cents, and the cartridge is not much difference. So, a lot of consumer convenience, direct purchase into a cartridge pen rotation using. According to introduction, the manufacture of these neutral pen is the main raw material for polystyrene or modified polystyrene, are resistant to aging, corrosion and celebrated, but strictly specialized classified collection, classification, basic no degradation in nature. While neutral refill remnants,including ink, floating fat, on Soil and water will cause serious environmental pollution.

Although the market consciousness of environmental protection is obviously insufficient, but similar to" not to hurt the eyes" of the concept of environmental protection is reflected in many stationery packaging. Some brightly coloured pencil was hit in succession" green environmental protection, safe non-toxic " banner, some products specially marked" meet European environmental standards"," materialrecyclable"," non tropical rainforest trees ."". The concept of a wide variety, but environmentally friendly or not, the only enterprise" praise the goods one sells" is far from enough, also need the corresponding measure. Reportedly, the national" technical requirement for environmental labeling products" of the draft is considering the introduction of. This stationery products environmental standards draft forthe stationery product varieties, production technology, equipment, technology and other aspects of production technology level to developthe relevant environmental protection requirements, content involves plastic materials, wood-based panels, packaging materials, thewhiteness of various aspects of the specific environmental requirements.

Green is now represent the general trend," green design" in the field of stationery gradually surfaced. In order to minimize the consumption of resources, some enterprises in the design fully consider the manufacturing process, as far as possible, reduce scrap,waste generation, from the source to save resources; at the same time, using non-toxic non-radiation renewable materials, ensure consumer products used in the process are not affected by pollutants harm, and ensuring the service life of the product after the end ofsmooth recovery. In addition, from design to production, are guided by high quality standards, the maximum extension of the service life of the product, raise resource utilization rate.
At the same time, the environmental protection stationery started earlier in the international market, the fresh " green wind" is also thelimelight strong, some domestic enterprises have also benefited from. Recently, Zhejiang Guangbo Group production of environmentally friendly stationery by overseas customers of all ages, a Swedish company was a $50000 order. Interesting is, these favored "xiangbobo"raw material is special," worthless" reed, bagasse, cotton, and even stone. Therefore, cost than the traditional wood paper low about 5%,but its market prices than ordinary products increased 5% to 15%.

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