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Fall the Wuhu stationery market blowing "parity wind"

New semester, new equipment, the Jiangcheng stationery market poised for another round of gold sales period. With the advent of thenew semester, the reporter found in a recent interview, compared with the prevalence of luxury a few years ago the purchase of stationery,wind, wind comparisons, this year, more and more consumers become more rational, affordable, practical text with favored.

Yesterday afternoon, reporters saw a supermarket in the pedestrian street, second floor entrance of the eye-catching and placed innotebooks, stationery, gel pens and other assortment of stationery, next to the circumference of a lot of primary and secondary school students and parents. These days to buy stationery with a lot of counter things did not take long to be picked light, and need constantreplenishment. "Supermarkets said a staff member, a stationery sales boom will continue for a few days.

More than ten dollars a notebook, more than 20 yuan a writing case, the reporter found that these higher prices stationery fresh mall to attract the buyers seemed to be somewhat "highbrow" and some under the banner of "average", 1, goods recommended counterpromotional advertising is popular. Buy a gel pen, refills, correction fluid, and spent only a total of more than ten dollars. "The two students, said Wang, pointing to just selected stationery in the past, she likes to buy some fancy stationery, and later found not practical,this year to buy all the cheap stationery.

"Expensive stationery is done quite fancy appearance, function and nothing special." One parent told reporters that he found the stationeryof the bells and whistles will distract the attention when the children learn, he was given the selection of stationery generally choose the shape simple and practical stationery. In addition, some parents believe that the purchase of high-end stationery to the children are likely to cause them psychological comparisons, this is how they give up the high-end stationery, turn to the important causes of cheapstationery.

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