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How cleaning the ballpoint pen oil stick on clothing
Haifeng Pen Industry specializing in the production sections of the ball-point pen, gel pen, advertising pen. Stained with ink, such as clothing and more, its removal method, there are several to choose from:
A. The new ink trace or dirty not long clothing on a hot milk or yogurt dip, and easier to get rid of.
Two. Ink mark on the general clothing can be used of oxalic acid 1, water 10 copies made of the mixed solution, heating with cotton balls dipped in the hot state after careful scrubbing. The ink spots disappeared instantly with little warm ammonia solution and rinse clean.
3. Available 10% citric acid solution to remove the ink mark on the wool and cotton clothing.
4. Ink mark remover formula

(1) 1: l: 1 mixed, the concentration of 96% alcohol concentration of 10% ammonia and water can also remove the ink mark. Which ammonia can change the color of the fabric, when used in moderation control, so as not to cause a color change.

(2) sodium dithionite, any kind of bleach or hydrogen peroxide can effectively remove the ink mark on the white clothing.

(3) the ink mark on the white clothing, but also you can use tap water wet, and then the concentration of micro-hot 3% hydrogen peroxide concentration of 10% oxalic acid mixture wetting, wetting and then washed clean.

1 (4) blue-black ink mark on clothing, it is desirable in citric acid, 10 parts of distilled water, the concentration of borax. Solution 2, the preparation of the remover. Preparation, the first citric acid dissolved in distilled water and then concentrated borax solution and mix well. This agent is applied with a brush dipped in the blue-black ink mark at clothing, then suction to the excess solution with absorbent paper until the ink mark to the net, washed with tap water.
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