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There are health risks with caution scent stationery
A zone of peace consumers Ho has reflected his children feel dizzy after a smell of ball-point pen, the manufacturers do not recognize quality ball-point pen. The reporter then investigate the stationery market, many businesses selling scented stationery. Experts said that the primary and secondary schools in the growth and development of long-term use of scented stationery will produce health risks.

Yesterday morning, reporters in the alley stationery area found a number of wholesalers selling stationery almost all scented eraser, ballpoint pens. Businesses, the stationery they sell after the detection of the relevant departments, the benzene content is not excessive, exudes the smell is to use other substances.

The person in charge of West Green, a stationery manufacturer, market survey shows that the curiosity of the primary and secondary school students is a strong, scented stationery sales significantly better than the ordinary stationery, the company is no longer the production of ordinary stationery and instead develop a variety of stationery flavored process.

Department of Chemistry, Nankai University, experts pointed out that some new flavors on the human body with or without the side effects are still under study, schoolchildren in the growth and development of excessive inhalation of these new flavors will be a security risk. The material can be volatile chemicals to produce the flavor more dangerous primary and secondary inhalation of these substances may have an unknown disease.
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